It starts with a simple switch. This earth hour, switch on your inner powers and come together with A’Famosa Resort in the largest environmental movement to protect the one thing that unites us all – planet Earth. The 3rd month of the year is ushered in with 3R of the environment, Reduce, Reuse & Recycle.

A’Famosa Resort will dim or switch off unnecessary lights and use candles across its properties for an hour in a bid to raise awareness and contribute to the world’s largest climate change initiative and also, will continue the efforts all along the month with an array of activities lined up for all!

Take your mind off the hustle and bustle of everyday life and indulge into a peaceful stay enjoying lush greenery with our Go Green Package that offers an all in one deal of accommodation, dinner and admission to Old West for only RM108++ per person.

Treat your palate with our Go Green Cuisine Dinner set at The Ranch Steak House in Old West as we serve you Deep Fried Chicken Chop with a special sauce, Poached Chicken Breast with Cream sauce, Green Salad with A’Famosa special dressing, Cream of Mushroom Soup with Garlic Bread and a Pandan Cake with blueberry sauce for the sweet tooth while you admire the illuminations of the night with our monumental fireworks display for only RM38+ per set between 13/03/2015 till 31/03/2015

Recycle for charity and redeem a reward for your efforts because A’Famosa Resort welcomes the public to drop off their recycling materials at Safari Wonderland between 10AM – 5PM and Old West between 6PM – 9PM from 21/03/2015 till 22/03/2015 & 28/03/2015 till 29/03/2015 respectively. Redeem your reward instantly as we give away 01 Old West Ticket each for every 30 Plastic Bottles or 3KG of newspaper, magazine, cardboards, or 5 Glass Bottles or 10 Aluminium cans.

Be the first to experience a show like none other, The Trashion Show will showcase fashion artwork for a week long beginning 21/03/15 till the 28/03/15 during the Carnival Recycle Parade collecting votes from the public. Witness how used recycle materials are transformed into beautiful and unique outfits. Don’t miss a chance to hang around and take a ‘selfie’ with Way4mer, our very own glorious 6f robot created from waste materials consisting car air filter, bikes and buggy’s rims, motorcycle exhaust, car springs, wires, bolts, nuts and screws, hollow steel and scrap metal pieces that are found in our daily routine.

Under the umbrella of sustainability, Earth Hour is incorporated into A’Famosa Resort’s social responsibility programme and as we mark the 5th year of a Greener March celebration, come along and appreciate Mother Nature with A’Famosa Resort while we continue to adopt a number of environmentally friendly measures to help raise awareness for climate change and play an active role in reducing carbon footprints.

For more information call 06-552 0888 (ext: 88874)/ 019-6008508 or alternatively you may log on to or and also available via wechat : afr3066


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Is time for EVERYONE to discover the “ 10 WONDERS OF A’FAMOSA “

Watch up now, the upcoming MATT A International Travel Fair from 6th to 8th Sept, 2013 ( Friday to Sunday) in Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) Kuala Lumpur, A’ Famosa Resort will bringing you 10 WONDERS OF A’FAMOSA !!! SURPRISE ! UNBELIEVABLE !

You can easily go for a PERFECT Feel ‘s holidays escape in Melaka, A’ Famosa Resort, Alor Gajah, a resort with total living concept with an INCREDIBLE Price by the 10 Wonders of A’FAMOSA offers as below :-

1st Wonder of RM10 for Stay at Villa or Condotel
2nd Wonder of RM60 for 3 Theme Park (Water Theme Park + Safari Wonderland+ Cowboy Town + 5 Fun Fair Games)
3rd Wonder of RM50 for Perfect Full board Meals ( Buffet Breakfast + Set Lunch + Buffet Dinner )
4th Wonders of RM20 for Tiger Feeding
5th Wonder of RM20 for Paintball War game
6th Wonder of RM20 for 18 holes Green Fees
7th Wonder of RM20 for Team Building Program
8th Wonders of RM20 for 3 games (Target shooting+ archery + horse Riding) or( 4D Theater + 5 Fun Fair Games)
9th Wonders of RM 20 for any Theme Park (Water Theme Park /Safari Wonderland/Cowboy Town)
10th Wonder of BUY 4 FREE 1 for “Fantastic Annual Pass for unlimited entrance to 3 Theme Parks ”at RM180

There are special Events for Special Seasons in A’Famosa Resort , from the haunted Halloween to the bright decoration of Christmas, celebrate the seasons at A’Famosa Resort with events full of attractions , fun and entertainment . The events lined up are :-
15 Sep: Mid Autum Festival 1-30 Oct: Halloween Celebration – “Mexihalo”
13 Oct: Cycling Scavenger Hunt , Prizes worth RM10,000
10 Nov : Pancing Competition , Prizes worth RM30,000
21 Nov : World Children Day 15-31 Dec : Christmas Celebration – “ Santa Doremi “

A’Famosa Resort is definitely a wonderful place to celebrate your upcoming holiday season A’ Famosa promotion team will be meeting up with you again at the colourful “ A’FAMOSA FUNFAIR PAVILLION” to offer the 10 WONDERFUL HOLIDAY TREATS. Bring along your families and friends, be part of the autograph with our fire eater Red Indian, Cowboy, and Mascots, win Lucky Draw Prizes and collect giveaway freebies. RM100 cash discount voucher will be giving away to couples for the Pre-Wedding Photography Venue package at A’Famosa Resort

See you there at KUALA LUMPUR PUTRA WORLD TRADE CENTRE(PWTC) , MATTA BOOTHS NO # 008-015 (Hall No. 4) from 6-8 September 2013, 10:00am – 9:00 pm. Don’t Miss Us For more details, please log on to:, or contact 03-2781888, 019-6003478, 019-6003500, 019-6003517, 019-6003528 , 014-6689214.


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秋月 。。。15.9.13

你有多久没有庆祝中秋节了?马六甲爱化摩沙度假村(A’Famosa Resort) 将于九月十五日(星期天),七时许在牛仔城举办 皓明迎佳节,花好庆团圆庆典,寓意聚首一堂,邀你一同轻松欢庆佳节。今年我们特别邀请了一群乐龄人士与我们一同欢庆佳节。俗语说的好,家有一老,如有一宝。在这月圆人团圆的大好夜里,怎么能少了这一宝呢?所以爱化摩沙度假村牛仔城特从马六甲邀请了15位乐龄人士与我们一同庆中秋,一起团团圆圆吃个丰盛晚饭之余,还能享受度假村准备的一系列表演。爱化摩沙度假村牛仔城也将于今年的中秋节让来宾们大饱眼福,届时牛仔城挂满七彩缤纷的灯笼,穿插传统与潮流的各种灯笼将会形成一片闪耀的灯海,一颗一颗宛如星星般点缀着漆黑的星空,势必要来宾们有个难忘的中秋节。




大奖 : 现金RM800 + 1座奖杯+ 6张野生动物园门票 + 奖状

二奖: 现金 RM500 + 1座奖杯+ 4张野生动物园门票 + 奖状

三奖 : 现金RM300 + 1座奖杯+2张野生动物园门票 + 奖状

最创意奖:现金RM320+1座奖杯+2张野生动物园门票 + 奖状


大奖 : 现金RM300 + 1座奖杯+ 奖状

二奖: 现金 RM200  + 1座奖杯+ 奖状

三奖 : 现金RM150 + 1座奖杯+ 奖状



大奖 : 现金RM200 + 1座奖杯+1对摩摩和沙沙  + 奖状

二奖: 现金 RM150 + 1座奖杯 + 1对摩摩和沙沙  + 奖状

三奖 : 现金RM100 + 1座奖杯+ 1对摩摩和沙沙  + 奖状

最创意奖:现金RM120+1座奖杯+1对摩摩和沙沙   +奖状

欢迎全家大小在9月15号(星期天)一同前来牛仔城庆祝盛典。以每一位RM30享用中秋节特别晚餐, 其中RM5令吉将会捐献给老人院。在这佳节,乐善行施,积福积德。此外,在这皓明迎佳节,花好庆团圆的中秋夜里也会有各式各样不同的节目等着你们来参与,当中包括趣味十足的猜灯谜、有奖游戏与精彩绝伦的舞台表演等,更多的奖品和礼物等着您来赢取。所有来宾们也将获取大会特备的中秋礼物等。

中秋节,一个团圆的日子,一个大家都不能错过的节日,象征着余家欢乐的盛典。别再犹豫了,爱化摩沙度假村牛仔城正等着您们,快拨打06-5520 888 (Ext 88874),019-600 3517 或 电邮至 预知更多详情。

A’FAMOSA COWBOY TOWN Launched the “ 10th   – “ Lantern Making Competition in this coming 2013 Mid- Autumn Festival on 15th Sept ( Sunday)

While celebrating this popular harvest festival (Mid-autumn festival) , A’ Famosa Cowboy Town this year  along with its’ festival fundamental message of “ Gathering, Thanksgiving and Praying “ ,  will be inviting and hosting the Old folks home from Melaka & Tampin with a special buffet dinner in Cowboy Town, let the old folks celebrating the festival together with the young and old like their own family get together while praying to the  moon from the town with the brightly lit of the unique & creative  lantern.  Yes, on 15th Sept ( Sunday ) , at A’Famosa Cowboy Town , this is the town where it will be fully decorate with all the creative & beautiful MOON ( LANTERN),   where you can  have family & friends gathering or reunion; where you can offering your thanks giving food and drinks to the oldest at the same time pray to the moon for special wishes and satisfaction from the town itself.

If you have the “HIDDEN TALENT” of making the LANTERN , register & certify  yourself with our 10rd– Lantern Making Competition before the closing date on 10 Sept 2013 ( Tuesday ). Log on now to or  in order to download the form or you may call to 065520888 (Ext 88874) to inquire more details information.

This competition is being opened to the public for participations every year. However this time the fees is RM50 ( fees included the admission ticket) for ALL CATEGORTY  except RM20 for primary and secondary students or groups.

Hurry up ! Sign up now as they are many attractive prizes ( as per list below )  is waiting for you this time . Make sure you go for it this time so as  you will never regret.


1ST : CASH RM800 + Trophy + 6pcs SAFARI Ticket + Certificate

2ND : CASH RM500 + Trophy + 4pcs SAFARI Tickets+ Certificate

3rd : CASH RM300 + Trophy + 2pcs SAFARI Tickets + Certificate

Special “ Most Creative “ Prizes : CASH RM320 + Trophy + 2pcs SAFARI Tickets + Certificate


1ST : CASH RM300 + Trophy  + Certificate

2ND : CASH RM200 + Trophy + Certificate

3rd : CASH RM150 + Trophy +  Certificate

Special “ Most Creative “ Prizes : CASH RM180 + Trophy + Certificate


1ST : CASH RM200 + Trophy + 01 Pair of Momosasa + Certificate

2ND : CASH RM150 + Trophy + 01 Pair of Momosasa + Certificate

3rd : CASH RM100 + Trophy + 01 Pair of Momosasa  + Certificate

Special “ Most Creative “ Prizes : CASH RM120 + Trophy +01 Pair of Momosasa+ Certificate


A’ Famosa Cowboy town is NOW EVERYONE regardless age & race are invited to come and gather on 15th Sept (Sunday) for celebrating this popular festival. While gathering, you can also perform a small charity ( thanks giving)  when having dinner in the town.  From every RM30 per person for the special mid-autumn buffet dinner ,  RM5  will be allocated and  contributing to the old folks home.  Goodwill definitely will comes with good future as per individual wishes s ‘pray to the moon from the town on the night .   


Celebrities of Local TV Dramas  ~ “88 Kopitiam “ and “  We Are Young”  will be there waiting  to meet and celebrating together with ALL OF YOU on this up- coming MID –AUTUMN FESTIVAL in the town with the various & special stage performance on  15th Sept , Sunday night.  The night where essentially with a FULL MOON (full of Lantern Lights Lit Decoration )  and the night where EVERYONE NOW can enjoy the MOON CAKE  &  watch the MOON and sharing  the symbol of HARMONI and UNITY  as we go along with  our national theme of 1 Malaysia “ Mid Autum Festival Celebration.

Be with us on 15th Sept (Sunday) , the whole night from 7pm to 12pm,  bring along your lovely families and friends together with your best and talented made up lantern.

For more information, please feel free to contact 06 5520888( Ext : 88874)/019 6003517 or email to

mid autumnImageImage994910_10151639519611775_1186012476_n (1)

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Special promotion for all Super Dad!!!

Special promotion for all Super Dad!!!

A gift to all Super Dad

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A Gift to all SUPER MAMA

Special GIFT for all MUM to celebrate Mother’s Day!!!

Super MamaM-O-T-H-E-R

“M” is for the million things she gave me,
“O” means only that she’s growing old,
“T” is for the tears she shed to save me,
“H” is for her heart of purest gold;
“E” is for her eyes, with love-light shining,
“R” means right, and right she’ll always be,
Put them all together, they spell “MOTHER,”
A word that means the world to me.
– Howard Johnson
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Garden Wedding @ A’Famosa Resort

Imagine yourself holding the hands of your partner, walking down the aisle in red carpet of blissful matrimony at a venue where your dream wedding can come true…

A’Famosa Resort Garden Wedding package is your first choose…

A'Famosa Garden Wedding Package

Garden wedding garden wedding garden wedding garden wedding garden wedding garden wedding  garden weddinggarden weddinggarden weddinggarden weddinggarden wedding  

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Upcoming Road Show for April & May 13

Visit our upcoming road show to grad Super Saver Package promotion :

Jusco Cheras Selatan (Balakong) : 22/4 – 28/4
Jusco Section 18 : 29/4 – 5/5

Roadshow - Copy

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Black Valentine 2013


Black Valentine (Black Day)

April 14 is the”Black Day”, is also consider as Singles Valentine’s Day. All the singles will come together to encourage each other, cheer, turn grief into strength, and is pretty bustling very laugh, to eliminate all alone lonely feeling.

This day single man and woman make their own lives in a black world. wearing a black suit, black hot, black shoes, eat black noodles, nor creamer cup of coffee….

Let’s join this day at A’Famosa Resort…

13-28 April 13, 6.00pm-8.30pm, Cowboy Town…..


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~Candy House~ X’mas in the Candy Land

It’s a season to be happy together with again!!!  A’Famosa Resort is greeting every one of you all, Merry Christmas! Let us share the Christmas Holiday with Sweets & Treats together in A’Famosa Resort, Cowboy Town 7th to 31st December 2012.

From 14th to 30th December 2012, there will be special programs being held in Cowboy Town such as Caroling, Red Indian Show and Special Christmas Carnival. Moreover, on the 24th December 2012, additional programs including Party Pack Distribution and Christmas Countdown will be held in the Family Lounge in Cowboy Town, A’Famosa Resort. The last day of 2012 which is 31st December 2012, there will be an additional event which is the Christmas & New Year Eve Party event. Come and join us now to have fun together for the celebration day.

Want to have cute Christmas face painting? You may experience it in Cowboy Town as well from 21st to 31st December 2012. In conjunction of Christmas holiday, Christmas Sets dinner and Christmas International Buffet is now available for you and your beloved until 31st December 2012.

  • Christmas & New Year Dinner Buffet Menu

Price: RM 40.00/ person

  • Christmas & New Year Set Dinner Menu

Price:  RM 40.00/Adult   RM30.00/ Child

So, what are you waiting for? Let A’Famosa Resort be your first choice to celebrate Christmas with your family, friends and also beloved! Once again, Happy Merry Christmas to every one of you all and see you soon here.

Please contact us at 019-6008508 or email to or visit and for more details.






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On Saturday 31 March 2012, A’Famosa Resort will again join hundreds of millions of people across the globe in switching off the lights of our business premises and our homes for one hour – Earth Hour, the world’s largest public action for the environment. By taking part in this global ‘lights out’ event we will be acknowledging our commitment to personal and operational actions that benefit the planet in the year ahead.
From 8.30pm to 9.30pm, A’Famosa switching off all the street lights, main building exterior lights and neon signs, as well as dimming the lights in the lobby and reception area of our Hotel and Club House, Cowboy Town Entertainment and Retail outlets, dining outlets will offer special candlelight dinner menus. Guests will also be encouraged to switch off all electrical appliances and air conditioning units during Earth Hour.

Further, Cowboy Town will organize Earth Hour Carnival Party from 8.30pm with the program line up of Red Indian Special Show, Unplugged Live Band, Night Glowing Dance, Recycle Fashion Show, Musical Parade and Firework displays

To join our Earth Hour Carnival Party, just purchase the admission ticket to Cowboy Town or redeem Free Ticket at our Recycle Counter. One admission ticket to Cowboy Town and Earth Hour Party could be redeemed with each of recycle materials as below:
a. 15 kg of newspaper or
b. 5 kg of paper box or
c. 1 kg of mineral bottle or
d. 2kg of aluminum can

The Recycle counter will be opened on 31 March 2012, 9am to 5pm at Water World & Animal World Safari Entrance.

Earth Hour, it’s a reminder to us all that we only have one planet Earth and it’s an urgent message that we want to reduce the impact our energy system has on that planet. Let’s unite together to protect the planet and live in harmony with nature.

Please contact us at 019-6008508 or email to or visit for detail information.

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