Fancy of saying “I do” at a romantic garden?

Love is always in the air at A’Famosa Resort. With the surrounded scenic landscape overlooking the golf course, your wedding ceremony would be a fairy tales come true. Our wedding consultant will arrange everything from the decoration down to the dinner to make the special day to be memoir for eternity.

Immortalize romance with snapshots of love

Capture timeless memories of your wedding joys in our wedding photography location, midst spectacular backgrounds. Tell us your dream and we will make it happen!!

Some fancy pre-wedding memoirs

pre-weddingpre-wedding-elephantpre-weddingpre-weddingpre-weddingpre-wedding pre-weddingpre-weddingpre-weddingpre-wedding

Banquet of love in a hall, beach & garden wedding

Imaging yourself holding the hands of your partner, walking down the aisle in red carpet of blissful matrimony at a venue where your dream wedding can come true….

garden weddinggarden weddinggarden weddinggarden wedding garden wedding garden wedding garden wedding garden wedding garden wedding garden wedding garden wedding garden wedding Garden wedding

For more information, please contact :
Tel : (6) 06-5520888 (ext : 88874) 
Fax : (6) 06-5528135
Email :   /

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