Teacher’s Day – Buy 2 Free 1

Teacher's Day

Teacher’s Day Buy 2 Free 1 Promotion

Teachers’ Day is a special day for the appreciation of teachers who hold an important role in cultivation of our next generation. A’Famosa Teacher’s Day, 21 May 2016 at Safari Wonderland, is an annual event and numerous promotions planned for every great teacher.

There are two types of promotion which is Fun Package and Enjoy Package. Fun package includes an admission ticket to Safari Wonderland and a set lunch at Lake View Restaurant which cost only RM59/ adult and RM47/ child. On the other hand, enjoy packages include an admission ticket to Water Theme Park, an admission ticket to Safari Wonderland and a set lunch at Lake View Restaurant which cost only RM88/ adult and RM71/ child. These packages have to book before 20 May 2016. A teacher will receive 1 free Fun package with every 2 paying friends or family members.

There are numerous activities in Safari Wonderland which the famous was the Multi Animal Show, Colour of the Bird Show, Elephant Encounter and Wild Wild West Show. Besides that, Safari  adventure enable you to explore the magic of wildlife habitats and environment in our safari trucks .Watch in amazement as you encounter majestic Tigers, Lions, Giraffes, Camels, Zebras, Elephants and other creatures roaming freely in the Safari.  Next, join the visitors to take motorized raft and land on to monkey island, a tree-covered islet located in the middle of a lake. Constantly exciting with Safari Wonderland! The Walk-through area is beautifully landscaped and makes for a pleasant walk pass spacious enclosures with varies of animals including, Greater Flamingos, Swans, Raccoons, Camel, peacock and others. Experience the animals up close, feed and pet the Rabbits, sheep, Ponies, and other friendly animals as you stroll leisurely at here. In addition, Safari Wonderland recently welcomed Alpaca and Hippopotamus to its family.

Hope everyone will always follow A’Famosa event and enjoy for the favorable given. Don’t hesitate! To know further details or information, please call 019-6003500/ 3478 or log on to www.facebook.com/afamosa.my

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