Golf Resort

IMG 0962

The exquisite trio of nine-hole tracts-Rockies, Crocodiles (with live crocodiles!) & Palms were crafted with great skill and vision by Australian golf architect, Ross C. Watson. The course flows with the undulating terrain, past mature trees and spectacular boulders and pristine waterways, an ensemble to provide the best of a natural setting for a nice round of golf.

Crocodile Course

Crocodile_Hole1Crocodile_Hole2 Crocodile_Hole3 Crocodile_Hole4 Crocodile_Hole5 Crocodile_Hole6 Crocodile_Hole7 Crocodile_Hole8 Crocodile_Hole9

Palm Course

Palm_Hole1 Palm_Hole2 Palm_Hole3 Palm_Hole4 Palm_Hole5 Palm_Hole7 Palm_Hole8 Palm_Hole9

Rocky Course

Rocky_Hole1 Rocky_Hole2 Rocky_Hole3 Rocky_Hole4 Rocky_Hole5 Rocky_Hole6 Rocky_Hole7 Rocky_Hole8 Rocky_Hole9

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