CNY Charity Drive 共庆元宵,圆满新春

Practised annually, A’Famosa Resort fulfils its task by giving back to the community whilst delivering its corporate social responsibility. This year, in conjunction with Chinese New Year, 2 old folk’s homes and 1 handicapped centre was selected by the management to be visited.

A’Famosa Resort PR & Marcom team along with a few other staffs (12 staff in total) from various department handed over cash & daily essential items as donation.

A’Famosa Resort team took the opportunity to share some light moments with the friendly old folks as they toss together ‘Lou Sang’ for more prosperity as a small party with some snacks and drinks was also arranged for them. The atmosphere was lighted even further with the ‘God of Fortune’ presenting ‘angpau’ to each one of them.

  • Beringin Park Melaka Old Folks Home, Batu Berendam
  • Hadicapped & Mentally Disable Children Love Centre, Bachang
  • Amitabha Caring Shelter, Malim


迎接元宵节和新年最后一天,每年A’Famosa 度假村都履行了社会企业责任,在马六甲区域的两间老人院及一间残障中心布施爱心。


  • 第一站是位于Batu Berendam Taman Beringin 乐龄护理中心,这间乐龄护理中心共有大约50位老人家
  • 第二站是Bachang 残障儿童爱心中心,该院共有大约29名残障人士
  • 第三站是位于Malim的阿弥陀佛慈善敬老院(马六甲) ,该中心共有大约29位老人。

这三间老人院及残障中心都需要善心人士的慷慨解囊, 这小小的布施能给老人家们及残障人士感到感动及多了些人士关注他们。

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