Yeeha ! Cowboy is celebrating Mother’s Day


Dear Mums,

Thanks for always being the ones to cook our foods, clean our rooms, give us chores, baby us and get on our very last nerves. Without you, many of us would not have become the people we are today.

To celebrate all of hard work, and no monetary pay, we will celebrate Mother’s Day on May 7. It’s time for you all to be wined and dined after years of listening to us whine and helping us dine.


Cowboys & Cowgirls

Yeeha!  Cowboy is celebrating Mother’s Day on 7 May 2011 at Cowboy Town at A’Famosa Resort.

To help sons and daughters show appreciation for their mothers on Mother’s Day, A’Famosa Resort is offering Mother’s Day Dinner and party. In order to trigger happy memories to your mums, there are some programs such as cowboy songs and dances, special dedications, gift to all mums etc while enjoying the authentic Cowboy buffet dinner

So on 7 May, Saturday evening, spent RM49, bring your moms out of the kitchen and join the celebration with Cowboys in A’Famosa Resort instead!

We wish ALL of you–a very happy Mother’s Day!

Cowboy needs Mum, I love Mum 

 Cowboys Mother’s Day Celebration 7 May 2011

6.30pm         Welcome Reception

                      Free Antique Car ride

7.00 pm       Cowboy Buffet Dinner

                     Cowboys Live Band

                     Cowgirls Dances

                    Dedications to Mums

                    Miss Mother (like Mother like daughter)

                    A Gift from Cowboys to Mums

9.45 pm     Firework Displays

10.00 pm   End

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